• Core Values

    1. Careful Planning and Preparation

    2. Inclusion and Demographic Diversity

    3. Collaboration and Shared Purpose

    4. Openness and Learning

    5. Transparency and Trust

    6. Impact and Action

    7. Sustained Engagement and Participatory Culture

    8. Commitment to Civil Dialogue

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    1. Arts/Culture/Recreation
    2. Community/Civic Capacity
    3. Economy
    4. Education
    5. Environment
    6. Families & Youth
    7. Health
    8. Housing
    9. Physical Infrastructure
    10. Public Safety
    11. Transportation
    12. Faith

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June 11, 2010:  Community Action Group – Southwest Yavapai County

The Community Action Group in this region of Yavapai County is planning a Health Fair on October 2, 2010.  To learn more go to their website and check out the Health Fair page:  http://www.yavapaicommunityaction.org/



For information about the continuing activities of the YCC Health Team visit the Health page of the website:  http://www.yavcc.org/

Blogging and chronic disease: 3-26-2010

This is an interesting article about blogging for those with chronic illness. ..  Marsha http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/25/technology/25disable.html?scp=1&sq=social%20network&st=cse 

Worth our consideration: 2-26-2010

 This link is to the first article in a series. Worth our consideration as we look at the health care needs of Yavapai. I encourage you all to follow the entire series in the LA Times…   Marsha http://www.latimes.com/news/health/grandjunction/la-he-grand-junction-healthcare-part1,0,4826898,full.story


What does it take to improve health in Yavapai County?  On February 13, 2010 the second meeting of the Health Team was held at Step One in Prescott Valley to continue to explore this question, and others related to improving health and healthcare in Yavapai County.

One thing we know is that the transformation will reach deeply into all facets of our community moving us toward embracing lifestyle changes that promote and support health, not disease…  Building an effective case for change requires that we draw upon dependable information to guide our understanding of conditions we face and proven strategies that can transform these conditions.  Adopting health lifestyles demands that we change unhealthy behaviors.  What motivates us to do so?

We talked about the soon to be released data that will rank the counties in Arizona.  The release is part of a nationwide project to provide data about health status at a county level nationwide.  This County Health Rankings project (http://www.countyhealthrankings.org) is a source of information being released nationwide.  We hope it will be a helpful tool in guiding our efforts to design effective strategies that will have significant impact on transforming health for everyone in our communities.

So – what’s your motivation? 

2/19/2010  update:  The County Health Rankings data was released on February 17th.  The Arizona data is available on line at  http://www.countyhealthrankings.org/arizona and the county at  http://www.countyhealthrankings.org/arizona/yavapai



When we talk about health there are many organizations in communities impacting

the health of individuals, groups and the community overall. 

Here’s one example: 


In Yavapai County there are many organizations helping in similar ways.  Examples include People Who Care, Meals On Wheels programs in many communities, Senior Centers, and many others.  Many depend on volunteers to be good neighbors, good stewards, and good citizens.  If you want to help out get in touch with a group you support, or contact the United Way of Yavapai County Volunteer Center: http://www.unitedwayyavapai.org/index.php?pr=Volunteer

Our focus on health includes taking care of ourselves.  We can be good examples for one another by offering support and encouragement that keeps us moving toward living healthier lifestyles, helping to make our community better by being better.  And visionary leadership can support us all on the path.  Here’s a report from the U.S. Surgeon General that I find interesting and inspiring: http://www.surgeongeneral.gov/library/obesityvision/obesityvision2010.pdf

Check it out.  What do you think?



One Response

  1. Health Team 2010
    The first meeting of the YCC Health Team was held on January 30th. Eighteen people came together who all share similar concerns and united passion for improving the health of people in Yavapai county. There is a solid consensus that this team is going to be one that takes ACTION……
    Stay tuned for exciting developments in healthy living and healthy medicine in the weeks and months ahead!

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