• Core Values

    1. Careful Planning and Preparation

    2. Inclusion and Demographic Diversity

    3. Collaboration and Shared Purpose

    4. Openness and Learning

    5. Transparency and Trust

    6. Impact and Action

    7. Sustained Engagement and Participatory Culture

    8. Commitment to Civil Dialogue

  • Topical Teams

    1. Arts/Culture/Recreation
    2. Community/Civic Capacity
    3. Economy
    4. Education
    5. Environment
    6. Families & Youth
    7. Health
    8. Housing
    9. Physical Infrastructure
    10. Public Safety
    11. Transportation
    12. Faith

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Return to teaching…

Monday night I begin (again) teaching an Introduction to Sociology course for Yavapai College.  I left three years ago for a hiatus after 10 years.  I’m excited to get back in the classroom.  My priority is to engage in a process that I hope will awaken the students participating in my class to a broader understanding of how our world works.  We cover a lot of ground in an intro class.  It makes it difficult to get too deep into any particular area.  But actually that suits me pretty well.   

 On the other hand, I intend to challenge my students to engage.  Our future survival depends on all of us coming together to tackle the challenges we face.  I’m convinced it is no longer some theoretical exercise we can toy with.  We face an urgent need to grow up and solve the problems we face.  In this context I want share another of Hildy Gottlieb’s posts.  The last two days she’s focused on important dynamics in our quest to change the world.  Check it out:  http://hildygottlieb.com/

 In community!



One Response

  1. Bob, thanks for always putting in the extra effort to teach and for modeling by example. The more we all come together to work together, the more successful we will be as a species. We will have sustainable communities and nations. My hat is off to you!

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