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    5. Transparency and Trust

    6. Impact and Action

    7. Sustained Engagement and Participatory Culture

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    2. Community/Civic Capacity
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    10. Public Safety
    11. Transportation
    12. Faith

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Al’s sudden illness is significant.  It is significant because I care deeply about Al’s well-being.  And it is significant because we depend on Al for the work of YCC.  I want to honor Al with healing energy.  And I want to honor him with taking this time to assure that his work – our work – goes on!

 Last summer a handful of us got together with a plan for creating a network of support that would help increase the effectiveness and efficiency of community building efforts in Yavapai County.  We made a commitment to volunteer for one year to make this vision real.  And we began to engage some additional people to explore what we might accomplish.  And Al’s expertise, vision, and commitment have been key ingredients moving us forward.  One of our teams has already stepped up to move ahead while Al recuperates.  The Health Team, at Dr. Zieve’s urging, will meet next week to plan next steps.

 As a member of the YCC Executive Committee I’m asking myself how can I help?  As a long time resident and active participant in numerous coalitions I ask for you to consider how you can help make our community healthier.  We all have a part to play…

 And so the question of sustaining such an effort is very timely indeed.  Clearly our commitment last summer to one year will take a renewed investment.  We have just reached a threshold to begin to actively promote our activities.  Are we prepared?  I’ve continued to watch the blog, with little attention being paid to this point.  Maybe it would be better to just let things be.  Maybe we should just let go and let things unfold as fate will determine…  I don’t think so!

 It is time for bold new leadership.  It is time to see the opportunity at hand to own our community, and embrace one another as equal partners in making it a place where we all can thrive.  Things are changing.  It is up to us to decide how we are going to change, not if…  We can be whatever we really want to be.  I really want to be part of a healthy, vibrant community – where everyone is welcomed as equals and valuable participants.  We are in this together.  How can you help assure we are all engaged in making our community the best it can be?

 In the spirit of community…



3 Responses

  1. I’m sorry to hear of Al’s situation, and we will include him in our prayers. Please keep us informed of his status.

    Bob, I agree with you in rededicating our energies toward continuing the establishment of a planning infrastructure for Yavapai County.

    In times of crisis, it’s easy to let duties slide, as budget reductions in state, county, municipal and school jurisdictions now occur. With smaller staffs, duties and services tend to shrink. But planning doesn’t have to shrink.

    In times of crisis, planning can often find better, less expensive ways of performing duties and services. Planning can find smarter ways.

    I’m willing to maintain my share of effort in our collaboration. I’d like to see an assessment of YCC’s organizational status and what needs to be done next. Then we can decide who is willing to do what to carry the ball forward.

    In the fact of community……

  2. Bob and all,

    I agree that we all need to step up and take over some of the things that Al handles so seamlessly.

    would appreciate it if the respective committees who have changes for the YCC website would send me the changes so I can work at getting things posted. As I too am having some medical issues requiring surgeries, I will need to work at this at a slower pace. Please send me things that have instructions and specifics along with the materials that needs to be uploaded and I will do my best to get his done.

  3. Count me in. having been newly (last month) ‘rescued’ from our rural SW Yavapai County, our Group really feels a need to connect with YCC. Anything that we can do to sustain YCC is seen as a foudnation of our success too.

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