• Core Values

    1. Careful Planning and Preparation

    2. Inclusion and Demographic Diversity

    3. Collaboration and Shared Purpose

    4. Openness and Learning

    5. Transparency and Trust

    6. Impact and Action

    7. Sustained Engagement and Participatory Culture

    8. Commitment to Civil Dialogue

  • Topical Teams

    1. Arts/Culture/Recreation
    2. Community/Civic Capacity
    3. Economy
    4. Education
    5. Environment
    6. Families & Youth
    7. Health
    8. Housing
    9. Physical Infrastructure
    10. Public Safety
    11. Transportation
    12. Faith

  • Advertisements

Imagine other countries looking to the U.S. as a model of health.


 April 5-11 was public health week.  This year the American Public Health Association’s (APHA) theme was “A Healthier America: One Community at a Time.”  This is a continuation of the launch last year of “Healthiest Nation in One Generation.”

 Public health.  That is what the transformation of health systems is really all about.  I highly recommend you take a look at APHA’s campaign for building healthier communities, http://generationpublichealth.org/

 Seems like it aligns nicely with the work emerging from the YCC Health Team,



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