• Core Values

    1. Careful Planning and Preparation

    2. Inclusion and Demographic Diversity

    3. Collaboration and Shared Purpose

    4. Openness and Learning

    5. Transparency and Trust

    6. Impact and Action

    7. Sustained Engagement and Participatory Culture

    8. Commitment to Civil Dialogue

  • Topical Teams

    1. Arts/Culture/Recreation
    2. Community/Civic Capacity
    3. Economy
    4. Education
    5. Environment
    6. Families & Youth
    7. Health
    8. Housing
    9. Physical Infrastructure
    10. Public Safety
    11. Transportation
    12. Faith

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Evidence-based action…

Are we data driven?  Do we make decisions based on evidence?

When I taught Introduction to Sociology (I hope to be back in the classroom again next Spring) one of my messages was ‘if there is not evidence to support what we think to be true, perhaps we should question it…’

We are proud to proclaim our free speech here in America.  And this gives us the right to have any opinion we chose.  Does it matter if there is evidence leading us to conclusions that our opinions contradict?  Do we want to pursue community strategies that can be measured?  Do we really want to know?

The Health Team is grappling with determining what data is reliable, and relevant, in an effort to decide just how we might impact health conditions and outcomes in Yavapai County.  We reviewed one source: www.CountyHealthRankings.com

In follow-up we have been directed to another source that is Arizona grown:  www.ArizonaHealthMatters.org

Information is important in considering what strategies will drive our efforts.  Is data the only thing we need to consider?  Is there a difference between data and information?  Is there more that we need to consider?

In our drive toward healthy, vibrant communities we will need to ponder these, and many other questions.  How we support the dialogue and deliberation will be something to consider as we move forward.


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